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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Torchwood: Ianto/Jack: Valentine's Day

Title: A Torchwood Valentine
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300
Summary: Jack has a strange phobia
An: written for the slashthedrabble prompt: Valentine's Day
An2: Inspired by a conversation I had with badly_knitted.

It was the day before Valentine's Day and Ianto was still debating if he should buy Jack new braces or a new greatcoat. If worst came to worst, he would just buy Jack some of that strawberry scented lube he liked.

As he walked through the shops full of so many hearts that it looked like a Cupid had thrown up, he spied a flower shop. Amongst the bouquets of roses there was a bunch of daisies that were wilted and sat in a lumpy brown vase.

He bought the daisies and hurried to his flat were Jack was no doubt waiting. Hopefully he was naked and waiting in Ianto's bed.

Once at his flat, he hung up his coat and found Jack in his kitchen. Jack was standing by the sink washing dishes. He was humming and swaying back and forth.

Ianto went up to him and wrapped his arms around Jack's waist. He nuzzled Jack's neck.

'Have fun shopping?' Jack asked as he leaned into Ianto.

'Oh, yes. Did you have fun at The Hub?'

Jack sighed. 'It would have been more fun with you.'

'I have something for you,' Ianto said as he lead Jack away from the sink. He held out the daisies and Jack eyes went wide, he moved away from the flowers.

Ianto brow knit in confusion. 'Did I do something wrong?'

'No. No. It's just... I've always been afraid of daisies.'

Ianto took the daisies tossed them in rubbish bin.

'Thank you,' Jack said as he reached for Ianto and embraced him.

Ianto melted into Jack embrace as he rested his chin on Jack shoulder and breathed in Jack's sweet pheromones.

'Don't mention it.'

He would do anything to make Jack feel comfortable. Thanks to Torchwood, Ianto was afraid of the goldfish.
Tags: torchwood: ianto/jack

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