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#294. Come. NCIS. Gibbs/Fornell. PG-13

TITLE: Come On, Tobias
AUTHOR: Ashley-Pitt
CHARACTERS: Leroy Jethro Gibbs
CHALLENGE: slashthedrabble Challenge #294. Come.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters nor am I making any money from them. I borrow them once in awhile, but put them away tidily.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Follows after It's Only a Broken Arm

“Come on Tobias, I thought you said that you had to pee.”

“Yeah, I do Jethro, but there are some things a man just has to do by himself.”

“Well, come here then,” Gibbs said as opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of NCIS sweat pants. He handed them to Fornell.

“You know that I could get demoted for wearing the competition’s gear, don’t you?” he asked as he took the pants.

Gibbs said nothing put moved to stand behind Fornell. In one swift motion he had unbelted, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. They fell into a heap on the floor.

Fornell looked down in amazement. “You used to be a stripper or something?”

Gibbs shook his head and said “Just go to the head. When you are done come back and sit on the edge the bed to put the sweats on. Makes it a lot easier. I will be right back.”

Fornell was still struggling with getting the elastic top up around his belly when Gibbs returned with a bottle and two glasses.

He grabbed the waistband, pulling it up and out. Smiling, he let it go. As it snapped back against his midsection Fornell said, “Ow! That hurt. Thanks alot. I thought I wasn’t supposed to take the drugs with booze.”

Gibbs walked over to the dresser and poured himself a glass of the amber liquid. He handed Fornell a large glass of water.

“You aren’t. The booze is for me, you get the pill.”

“I still don’t think I need it.”

“Trust me Tobias; you will need it to sleep tonight. Besides, if you talk in your sleep, the only secret I care about finding out, is why you married our ex wife, after I told you not to.”

Fornell shrugged and took the Vicodin with a large gulp of water.
"Yuck. That tastes terrible.”

“Okay, let’s get your shirt and tie off.” Gibbs said as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

After many minutes of wrestling with a cast and a not so helpful Fornell, Gibbs finally had him dressed in a roomy tee shirt.

By this time, Fornell was beginning to yawn and sway slightly.

“Not use to narcotics, Tobias?"

“Last time I had anything this heavy-duty, was from the dentist a couple of years ago. I guess I don’t get as badly shot up on the job as you do.”

Gibbs smiled and replied, “Hard to get shot sitting at your desk, Tobias,” as he gently guided him to the bed.

Gibbs lowered the now noodle-like Fornell into the bed. He leaned the casted arm against the nightstand and put a couple of pillows around it for support. He doubted, however, if Fornell would move much for several hours.

Gibbs stripped to his skivvies and grabbed his glass of bourbon. He climbed carefully into the bed next to Fornell.

He settled back against the headboard and sipped his drink. He would be up all night just keeping watch over his lover.

Tags: ncis: gibbs/fornell

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