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400-word Angel ficlet

Glass Houses Throw Stones
Fandom: Angel
Prompt: 024 Outside In - Your pairing, from the POV of other characters
POV: Wolfram & Hart building
Rating: PG
Pairing: Angel/Spike, Angelus/William allusions
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon must feel really important with all of these people wishing they were him.
Notes: I know it's stretching the "character" thing, but work with me, please. aschicca requested something along these lines. Also, a weensy plot snuck in there somehow, but there's (understated) love.

Most do not give me a second thought. They pass by me in their cars, they walk briskly down my halls, ride in my elevators, and yet think nothing of my sentience. Though, I am simply a vessel, meant to serve. I have no greater purpose than simply to house the actions of my architects and observe. I am perfectly content.

Until he sits behind the desk. With his broad shoulders and stoic face, he is the portrait of determination, set to devour Us from the inside. They know this, but do nothing. I am not to doubt Their actions, but that does not mean I cannot take my own.

Lurking within my shadows, I keep his hidden past. All of the ghosts, all of the emotions were all at arm’s length. I tempted him with power. I isolated him, and it should have worked.

The white-haired ghost, Spike, lurks in shadow, as well. He dances within my realm and my influence. Straddling Hell will do that to a person — a vampire, as it were. But I see it, Spike’s influence on my pawn. He is the light to my dark. The spirits of better days follow him, in jesting with Angel, following at his heels like a lost puppy. All of my dark shadows are ousted when that spirit enters the office. Angel’s attention is focused solely on this vampire, his kin.

I’ve been home to this firm for quite some time, and I have seen my share of office relationships. It’s smouldering, this one, drawn out by centuries of barely a touch, scare a kind word. It takes over my shadows, the love, the lust, the blood, spreading its light until Angel cracks a well-hidden smile. The creatures they were before have made lasting impressions. They are things that I cannot touch, memories of hope.

Spike will bring him through this. Spike will set Angel back on the path to Our destruction. The lingering glances and the late-night visits are enough to tell anyone such. Their love longs to be rekindled by blood. The girl must never find the solution. Spike must remain a ghost. My ghost. Love will never save you, Angel. Not while I am your castle. Not while I have a most convenient moat.

My surgeon has trapped many souls within my dimensions. Pavayne will surely take care of this pesky one. Angel is mine.
Tags: buffyverse: angel/spike

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