July 24th, 2017


#455 "Breathless": Don't let me go (TRC: Kavinsky/Ronan, M)

Title: Don't let me go; take me to the edge
Fandom: The Raven Cycle
Rating: M
Relationships: Joseph Kavinsky/Ronan Lynch
Word count: 500
Content notes: Road trips, sexual content, second person pov, car sex
Summary: The hour-long drives and restless nights turn your days into a haze of dream-like images, impressions, impulses, stuttering like a flicker book – the open road before you, the car thrumming beneath you, Kavinsky twisting out of the window beside you and whooping with the thrill of it, white tanktop fluttering around his stomach.

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sweptawaybayou, can I have a tag for The Raven Cycle? :D