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633: Design - BWoC - Merton/Tommy - Together, Safe, Free, and Loved

Title: Together, Safe, Free, and Loved
Fandom: Big Wolf on Campus
Author: Apache Firecat
Characters: Merton/Tommy
Rating: G/K
Summary: They're free to live, love, and be themselves at last.
Word Count: 500
Written For: slashthedrabble 633: Design
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Tommy's gentle snores border on a growl, his lips revealing his sharp fangs in his sleep. His hot breath blows across Merton's neck, but tonight Merton can feel only relief, joy, and love as he holds him close in the dark night and stars out at the vast expanse of stars. He doesn't know where they are. They got lost before Tommy wolfed under the full moon, and he hasn't been able to find their way yet. It doesn't matter, not really. All that matters is that they're together.

Merton strokes Tommy's shoulders and back and is rewarded with a soft whimper. Even his wolf has come to love him. It's almost like the animal knows that Merton will never allow harm to come to him without at least first putting up a fight. He knows where he's safe, and like most animals with their instincts to keep themselves safe, he knows where he's loved. Tommy's hairy foot kicks in his sleep, but then he snuggles even closer into Merton.

Merton's big, dark eyes drift from his lover's face to once more watching the night. They're safe here, wherever here is. No one knows them. Pleasantville -- such an ironic name -- is far away. No one knows them here. There's no one to hunt them, fear them, or hate them because of Tommy's lycanthropy or because of their sexuality, because of their love.

Merton beams, practically glowing. It is so very nice not to have to hide any more. He knows Tommy misses his family. He misses his sister, though he'd never admit it. But it is still so very nice to be free, safe and free to be happy and love each other as they choose.

He never realized just how comfortable this old hearse can be until tonight. He's more comfortable laying here with Tommy than he ever was in either of their beds. Stroking Tommy's shaggy mane, he gazes at the stars and wonders about the design of his car. He knows it carried plenty of dead bodies before he bought it secondhand. Yet he's never felt more alive. He wonders how the makers of the vehicle, the funeral parlor, and the people back home would feel about that simple fact.

But that place was never a home. It was never a home to him, and it hasn't been a home to Tommy ever since he got bit. Those people aren't their friends, no matter what they may have thought of them before. But here, they are safe. They are loved. They are home, right here in each other's arms. Merton snuggles closer into Tommy's embrace and finally dozes off, confident in the knowledge that when he does finally figure out where they are, they will still be safe, happy, and loved right here, hundreds of miles from Pleasantville and together, just the two of them, just as destiny intended.

Tommy's lips find Merton's neck. Merton beams and starts to dream of all the things they'll do together and free.

The End

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