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FAKE: Dee/Ryo: Prompt – After Party: Thinking Ahead

Title: Thinking Ahead
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee/Ryo
Rating: PG
Setting: After the manga.
Summary: The guys of the 27th are busy working security at a swanky party, but Dee has plans for a party of his own after, with just one guest.
Word Count: 500
Written For: Prompt # 456: After Party.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.
A/N: The much longer version can be read HERE at my journal.

Security at an awards show after-party wasn’t a bad gig, Dee thought, drifting through the crowd, looking out for gatecrashers and other trouble. Holding such parties at popular nightclubs wasn’t exactly sensible, because fans would try to get into the private rooms, but nobody had asked his opinion. Besides, the squad was getting well paid for tonight and he wasn’t about to rock the boat by criticising the hosts’ choice of venue.

The booze was flowing freely, and although he didn’t have any proof, Dee was sure the party drugs were too. He’d spotted at least half a dozen celebs known to have been through rehab. Dee had smoked a few joints as a teen, but stopped before enrolling in the Academy. There were more important things in life than getting high.

Across the room, he could see JJ, starry-eyed and paying more attention to the guests than to his job. Drake, Marty, and the others were visible too. Commissioner Rose was hobnobbing with the stars, but he was a guest and Dee probably shouldn’t think too badly of him, since he’d been the one to suggest the detectives of the 27th for this assignment.

Spotting who he was looking for, Dee strolled over to join his partner. “Having fun?”

Ryo gave him a quick grin before returning his attention to scanning the room, alert for trouble. “It would be more fun if we weren’t working.”

“True. Great music, and we can’t even dance!”

“I’ve been asked to dance by three people already,” Ryo admitted. “I keep telling them I’m security, not a guest. They must’ve seen me talking to Berkeley and thought I was in his party.”

“Was that slimy bastard hittin’ on you again?” So much for being charitable to the Commissioner for once.

“No need to get jealous,” Ryo chuckled, “I was reporting on exit routes in case we need to get anyone out of here in a hurry. Public venues aren’t great for these gatherings; too much can’t be controlled.”

“My thoughts exactly. We should come back when we’re not working.”

Ryo snorted. “Places like this are way too expensive. We could order a round for everyone at McGinty’s for less than the price of a champagne cocktail here.”

“It was just a thought.” Dee shrugged. “You’re comin’ back to mine after, right?”

“Of course, if the invitation still stands.”

“You bet it does,” Dee murmured, leaning close to Ryo in order to be heard. He flicked out his tongue, tracing the edge of Ryo’s ear and feeling the shiver that went through his lover.

“Dee… Not here!”

Dee’s grin widened. Oh yeah! He and his baby were goin’ to have an after party all their own later, and it was guaranteed to be way better than this one. “Catch ya later.” He strolled away, feeling Ryo’s eyes following him. Nothing like a bit of anticipation to get the juices flowing. It was a safe bet neither of them would get much sleep tonight.

The End

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