Prompt #006, Man from UNCLE, SUNSET

Title: Sunset
Author: Svetlanacat4
Fandom: man from UNCLE
Characters: Illya/Napoleon
Prompt #006, Sight
Word count: 100

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Title; Chocolate Candy
Author Svetlanacat4
fandom: The Man From UNCLE
Pairing: Illya/Napoleon
Word count: 200
Prompt #132, "chocolate"

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Title:  Sleepless in Seattle
Author: Spikesgirl58
Rating: G
084 Talk Talk Talk (Dialogue only)
warnings/comments:  none that I can think of.
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Title:  Speechless
Author: Spikesgirl58
Rating G
Prompt 83
Warnings/comments:  None 
Word Count:  100

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Title:   Various – each prompt is named
Author : Spikesgirl58
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s) Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings  #30 Is very slashy (r)
Word count 100 each
Disclaimer Not mine – wish they were
Prompt :  026 – Stormy,  027 Beginnings, 028 Ending,  029 Too Darn Hot,  030 Wet

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Title:  Various
Author:  Spikesgirl 58
Fandom man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s)  Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings  PG-13 – no warnings, except for the use of tarot cards
Word count – 100 each
Disclaimer – Not mine.  Wish they were.
Prompts -21 25 – each prompt is tagged

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Title:  Various – Each prompt is named
Author:  Spikesgirl58
Fandom:  Man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s)  Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings:  PG-13
Word count 100 each
Disclaimer:  Not mine.  Wish they were.

Thanks, Sparky955!

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Title: Daydreams Must Wait
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Boy Meets World
Characters/Pairing: George/Eric
Rating: G/K
Challenge: #342: Clockwork
Word Count: 500
Summary: Daydreams must wait in the classroom.Collapse )
Title:  Clockwork
Author:  Spikesgirl58     
Fandom:  Man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s):   Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings: none
Word count:  100
Disclaimer:  Not mine.  Wish they were.

Prompt:   Clockwork - 342

He could set his watch by Illya. 
Two minutes to twelve, Illya would pull on his jacket and glance over, a wide-eyed appealing look.  It was time for lunch.
Two minutes to six and a repeat, although now it was time for a drink and then dinner.  Then, regular as clockwork, they would tumble into bed and each other’s arms.
“Napoleon, you really are a creature of habit,” Illya complained after a bout of intense love making.
“What do you mean?”
“For a spy, you have very well defined habits.”
“Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.”

Prompt #342: Clockwork

Prompt #342 is Clockwork.

Drabbles of 100 words and ficlets of 200, 300, 400 and 500 words exactly are acceptable, and please use cut tags. Have fun!

Also, as this is a multi-fandom community, please remember to add a header mentioning which fandom(s) and pairing(s) you are drabbling in. Thanks. :D

A new challenge will be posted around 10pm EST on the 27th March, 2013. (That's 3am on the 28th, London time.) PLEASE feel free to drop a reminder comment here if it looks like I've forgotten (again!).

Don't forget, each prompt stays open for an additional 24hrs after the new prompt is posted. This means that prompt #341 will remain open until this time tomorrow to allow for late responses.

Suggestions for future prompts are always welcome, and can be made on any mod post. The list of previous prompts can be found here.

Riptide, Nick/Cody,10 Touch

Title: Speak Easy
Author: tinx_r
Fandom: Riptide
Genre/Rating: Slash/PG
Wordcount: 100
Pairing/Characters: Nick/Cody
Crossposted: pier56, slashthedrabble, writers_choice, smallfandomflsh

When Nick woke in the dark, fear and heat pressing down, Cody's hands did the talking.
Title:  Step by Step
Author:  Spikesgirl58
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing:  Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings PG-13
Word count:  400
Disclaimer Not mine, wish they were.
Prompt(s): 12 – Switch, 13 – Lost , 14 – Food & 15 - Animals

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Title:  Taste, Scent, Touch – Cause and Effect?
Author:  Spikesgirl58
Fandom:  Man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s) Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings  PG still
Disclaimer:  Not mine, wish they were.

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Man from UNCLE, prompt #006, sight. WISH

Title: Wish
Author; svetlanacat4
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
pairing: Illya/Napoleon
word count: 100
prompt #006, Sight

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Title: IstakesM
Author Spikesgirl58
Fandom Many from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s) Napoleo/Illya
Rating/Warnings None
Word count 100
Disclaimer Not mine, sadly.
Prompt 4 - Mistakes

“Mistakes were made.”

“That’s obvious. I’m just not used to being the cause of them.” Illya sighed. “I was merely asking him a question, nothing more.”

“Why would everyone go off half cocked about you and Waverly?”

“Perhaps that is a question better posed to them. I am at a loss to understand it.”

Illya watched Napoleon hurry off, noting the slight sense of relief in his partner’s eyes and a spring in the man’s steps. Why would Napoleon be relieved that Illya wasn’t in a relationship with their boss, aside from the usual reasons?

Why indeed? Very curious.
Title: Out Loud
Author: Spikesgirl58
Fandom: Man From UNCLE
Rating/Warnings: g
Word count 100
Disclaimer Don't Own Them. Wish I did
Prompt: 3 - out loud

He shut the door and felt the weight of the world press down upon his shoulders. It shouldn’t have happened, but it had.
Napoleon was his partner, his friend. He trusted Illya. How did Illya repay him - by committing the worst act imaginable. Illya had fallen in love with his partner.
“Oh, Napoleon,” he murmured out loud. “What have I done to us?
He knew he should leave. He should transfer to another office or, at least, another department, but that would a fast trip back home.
Tipping his head back, he stared at the ceiling. “What folly man?”
Title: Idle Gossip
Author: Spikesgirl58
Fandom: Man From UNCLE
Rating/Warnings: gossip
Word count 100
Disclaimer Don't Own Them. Wish I did
Prompt: 2

Napoleon heard them talking. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop; it just sort of happened.
“Oh, my god, are you joking?”
“Nope. Disgusting, isn’t it?”
“I guess there were some special requirements that went along with the transfer. If you want out bad enough, you do whatever it takes. Power is a strong aphrodisiac.”
“I know, but it’s still wrong. He’s so drop dead gorgeous. It’s not fair and it’s not right.”
“I know, but…”
That’s when they saw him and clammed up. They hurried away and left Napoleon with a sick feeling in his stomach. Illya and Mr. Waverly? Lovers?
Title: Obsession
Author: Spikesgirl58
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Characters/Pairing(s): Napoleon/Illya
Rating/Warnings: G
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were.
Prompt: 341 – Obsession

It had always been that way for him.

Think about the job.

Think about the mission.

The only thing that matter was the mission and its success. It was the beginning, middle, and end. He’d been taught, trained, and forced to focus only upon achieving that prize. Failure would not be tolerate or accepted. Obsess, strive for success or die trying.

Until he saw a pair of similarly-driven eyes and recognized the same need in them.

Together they accomplished what had otherwise eluded them. Perhaps obsession was a burden best shared by two. Perhaps, he thought, so was love.

Man from UNCLE, # 341, Obsession?

Title: Obsession?
Author: svetlanacat4
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Paring: Illya/Napoleon
Word count: 100
Prompt # 341 Obsession

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